Hello our dear Family!

Hello Family We realize it has been a long few months since you have recieved a update from us here at Tumaini Children's Home.   We are sorry, we have been going through the bumps and trials of making this fantastic move that we have been blessed to make.   Moving from city to rural seems quite harmless when you are in the thinking stage of things but when we actually picked ourselves up and moved out here we found it is quite a new experience for everyone.   We had a staff of 12 in the thinking stage but as we moved out several of our staff including all our teaching staff decided they could not make the move.  So Mom has been teaching until this last month when we hired our new teacher.   Things are going along really well, God is so good and faithful to His plans!   Please do not imagine we do not think of all of you even if you are not hearing from us directly because it is not true.  You are on our minds constantly. We look around at what we now have as a home and Praise Go…

Our deadline is upon us! Tumaini Children's Home family must move to our new location!

God is so, so Good! He will see what he has begun finished.
This is our new Tumaini Children's Home in progress!
We must move in before December 1, 2017

The house sits on the top 2nd acre of ten beautiful acres. The 1st acre we have dedicated to a prayer and worship garden. This is the front of the house and looks down the full length of the farm.

The homes full structure is completed, windows and doors are being placed now. Upper floor perlins also being set.

The home has 8000 sq feet, 2 separate wings for Boys and Girls bedrooms and bath - toilet areas, guest rooms, large kitchen, dining and setting room that you see here. 

The sitting room has a large fireplace, because Kenyan homes do not have heating.

and we love the fireplace!

The kids had to see what was up the chimney, of course!

This is a bay window that is a gift to Mom from Dad, in our bedroom.

Most of the walls will be left natural stone but some must be plastered and painted, this is inside the boys wing, where the t…

What an amazing life we get to live!

This is the new Home of Tumaini Children still in progress! We are so grateful for all the donations of work hrs, finances and prayer that have come in to see our children get a new home. Please continue to pray, we are only half done,and we still have our deadlines.  God has given us so much Grace, instead of May being the deadline to have our registration completed ( meaning we must be all moved in ) we have until Sept. But each month we pay huge lease payments and the elections are coming in August. We really do need to get the house finished! But again God provides each and every month because of your prayers, we know this is why! Please continue to Pray!

We are so blessed with the life we live here! Tumaini children are no different from any other children, they have their up and down days but all in all the joy, laughter and just plain goodness that our family has is amazing. We continue to Praise God for it all! Thank you for  being  part of God's work here in Kenya.

This …