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Our House


Things are Happening Here in Kenya!

We got our "Children With Hope" van today! It just felt so good to have completed this important part of our purpose here. People are begining to reconize us, it was a God thing that we got a white van that looks alot like the van we rented. We are very pleased with it and can not wait to transport children! We have made a friend that is planning to take us out to a children's home that is near where CWH's property is located. He says that they are having success and they will be very happy to share how them came by success, so we can too. There is such a need here that everyone wants to see more successful homes started. We have made some very good friends already here. There are also many who would like a job building and or working at the center when it gets going. We are praying for people with the same heart and vision as CWH, to see Kenyan's help Kenyan's, to come alongside of us in this work. We know God has already spoken to those who will, we just ne…

Making Progress in Kenya

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for the comments on this blog we so appreciate feed back. For Randi, these are some of the children at the orphanage we visited, they are all very sweet and we hope to continue our friendship with them and Angelina their care giver.
We are getting buisier, only because we are meeting new people and kenyans are very friendly. They try to make you feel welcome when and where ever they can. We went down the road a bit on Friday evening to a graduation we were invited to. It was a real experience, our neighbor graduated college. She was 2 hrs late for her own party but hey everyone was ok with that. They served us food and drinks ( which were fabulus) and we all waited. We got there about 3:30 the party started at 2:00. We ate and visited until she and a bunch of people, we asume were at the graduation pulled up in a pickup truck about 6:00 there were 20 in all. They were singing and having a great time, no one was upset like I said. We congradulated her and talk…

A Orphange

Hi Everyone, we visited a small orphanage today. Our housekeeper Mary took us here. It was a nice facility at one time but now has been some what abandoned. We do not know all the detailes but there are only 5 children there. It was bit sad, but we had a great time with the children. We have talked with the Lawyer and will get to go out to the property ( the site of Tumaini Childrens Center ) where we will build on Monday. More later!

Dinner in Kenya


Kenyan Life, Ok here!

Hi everyone; we pray as we write this that all of you are living the kingdom life at it's fullest! Life here in Kenya is different but good. Marvin is doing very good, so is Josh thank-you for all the prayer we can really feel it. We got a opportunity to pray for a little girl the other day. She had malaria, the second time for her and she is only 1. We heard back that she was doing alot better and we are continuing to pray that she will never have it again that Jesus send the parisite back where it belonged on the otherside of the cross. We are praying that the curse of malaria be broken in this country, Amen.
Please pray for the title to the land, we can start no construction on the land until we have a clear title. There have been unfortunate episodes here of buildings being built and and titles not being clear and the builders losing their buildings, this has happened even when christians were involved. So we feel it is wisdom to not start anything until it is clear. We are to…

We are here!

Hi Everyone;
This has taken me awhile but here we are. This week has been a exciting one! The plane ride was really great! The girls and Marvin did fantastic! We were met at the airport by everyone but our luggage. We did retrieve it on Tuesday afternoon, here in Eldoret. It deffinately looked like it had a hard time getting here. Most everything was still in it. Someone had put plastic security srips on it, they had to be cut off with a knife, Marvin slipped and got his leg. Our 1st trip to the medicle services of kenya! The doctor is a christian, Josh was glad to meet him, he may beable to help at some time. After Marvin got his stiches he passed out because of the meds and hit his head on the floor, God is good all the time. Marvin is good now his face bearly shows the marks, he is walking like a real person and his mother even survived this day. That was tuesday, wednsday Josh went for a jog and broke some bones in his foot, again God is good all the time because what could ha…