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Blessed Christmas

What a month it has been! I kept thinking that we could not get any busier but we did! We came to a agreement with Nancy & Maggie's mother that felt like God's hand! She and only she will visit with them here once a month. They are now permanently part of Tumaini Childrens Center. Then we received our 8th & 9th child Joyce & Dema, we have a full house.

Our #1 farmer rang us and ask for help, his wife just had a baby! We did not know that they were expecting. Some cultures here keep the wife inside and do not tell anyone until the blessed event! We guess this is what took place so Horace was out and helping right away!

On the 12th of December we were so pleased to meet our newest grandson, Tekoa Jeshi Leister! Born here in Eldoret Kenya! Praise God He is so good to us! Tekoa's birth was a bit more than his parents expected so we have been doubly blessed to have Josh, Rachel & Tekoa for an extra 2 weeks,through the Holidays, yea!!!!

We were also blessed to hav…

Spiritual Warfare

Dear Blog family,we are Praising the LORD that He is who He says He is and we are who He says we are! We talked a little last month about the escalation in spiritual warfare we have felt lately! We felt it this month in our physical heath but God is bigger than anything the enemy has to throw at us! We Praise God for all of you who have stood by us in prayer this month, it is truly what makes the difference for us.

We spent more time in the hospital and at the Dr's office than we have ever. On Thanksgiving I was so sick, Horace had to stay home from the international dinner we were invited to with me and the Kenyan children( we sent Marvin,Troy & Dannon with Josh & Rachel they had a great time.) I asked God why the enemy was able to get at me and everyone else who had been sick here, He said to me " don't look at him, look at me!" it was a turning point for me! My spirit just went " oh yea, that's right, look up". We are all doing much better now…

God Moving

Dear Blog family, Praise God He is working all the time, He is not a man that he should lie and He never sleeps! God is moving miraculously in Kenya! We have seen God moving for us and for this country in general in the last few weeks, our prayers are being answered! But this is not a time to quit pressing the heavens for what we need to accomplish for His will.

The enemy has designed some things for this country also and he is at foot, he has made the next generation his target and he will not give them up with out a fight! Our authority is cemented in the courts of Heaven because of who our Savior is and what He was willing to give for us, now we must stand on this truth no matter what, to change the tide of events the enemy has enacted here in Kenya! Our God reigns, halleluiah!!

There have been many praying for rain because we did not get the amount that was expected during the long rainy season because of this water shortages are expected, we have seen quite a bit of rain…

Lots of work getting done!

Dear Blog Family, surprise! I though we might get a short update done before the end of the month. One thing is sure around here, time goes by very fast. I think because we are so busy We can hardly believe we have lived IN our new home for 2 months and been in Kenya for a year, wow!!

Already this month we have received our newest baby. Her name is Brenda and she is 2 months old. She is very tiny and like all the abandoned babies we have met, she is a fighter. She was found abandoned in a latrine when she was just a few days old, her arm having been chewed up badly by rats is now healing nicely. She is so precious and everyone here has fallen in love with their new baby sister!

Horace and Marvin have been working hard to put up a pole building where Horace can fabricate much of what will be used in building the new children’s home. Which by the way is coming right along. Horace has talked with the building authorities and the DCO ( district children’s officer ) about the purposed plans…

Finally a new post!

Hello blog family! We are truly here! We have been very buisy getting things in order here at our new home. We set up a new internet system, this does not change our address or anything just how we operate from here. It has been quite a month.

We have had a visit from Romanian friends that was just wonderful. We can not wait until they come again. They shared their love for chidlren with those we have here and encouraged us so much with their love for all of us and kenya.

Thom Seagren & Dean Miller arrived on the 19th of Sept. and left on the 24th. They were able to check out the new house and work on long term planning. We saw the vision we all have for the orphaned children here in kenya come to life on this property and expand to future plans for the Jui Kali propery, it was a exciting time.

Besides the fact that we just enjoyed haveing their company around our home. They got to meet and know the children we now have and to even visit chidlren we are looking at bringing to this ho…
Dear Blog family, we are moved, Praise God! These are the times when we can really feel all of your prayers. It is quite different to move here than it is in the states. Cardboard boxes are a premium here, you just do not go down to the local supermarket and pick the extra ones up. If some one here gets a box they keep it and use it until it literally falls apart. So we packed up all our belongings in our suitcases and plastic bags we have. It was interesting to say the least.

We have a Kenyan family that we have talked about on this blog, their names are Japheth & Naomi Kimutie. They have been exceptional friends to us and they own 2 large covered lorries ( trucks ). They used one to help us move. We were so blessed because as I have said before this is the rainy season. You count on it raining every day. You do not think you have much stuff until you have to pack it up and move it. It took 3 trips with the truck. I forget at times that we are a family of 10 now and…


Dear Blog family! We are getting ready to move! The final paper work & monies were taken care of today July 31, hurrah!! Tumaini Children’s Center has a home! We are so excited! Our official moving day is the 15th of August.

We are a family of 10 now, our Marvin is back. He is adjusting to life in kenya again and doing well. We are going to keep him very busy, with moving and all. He was very missed and he was greeted by a full house. Hi comment was “ there are so many “ not really but when you are greeted by them all at the same time it just seems like it. All the children love him already and he does so well with all of them. Jerusalem is the most taken with him and we have seen more smiles for Marvin then we have ever seen.

Josh & Rachel have returned also! They are now getting prepared for their move to Kisumu town. It is about 80 miles west of us, on the edge of Lake Victoria. Josh will being going to a school for Clinical Medicine there. Someday they will be…


Just a quick up date! We got a call that Nancy's mother wanted her to be taken care of and if we would! We were very happy and relieved to go and pick her up! Nancy is 6 and she is Marget's sister. The reunion between the 2 was great. They had not seen each other for 2 months. It was a great reunion for all of us. She reconized Horace & I right away and came over to hug us. We are a family of 9 now and just waiting for Marvin to make us 10, PRAISE GOD!

We again want all of you, our dear Blog family that pray for us to know how efective your prayers are! We love you all and could not be doing this with out you! Love The Leisters in Kenya

Tumaini Children's Center has a home!

Thank you blog family for all your prayers! Children With Hope are purchasing a house!!!!! God is providing for us again in a big way for this ministry to go forward in helping the orphan children of Kenya, Tumanini Children's Center begins!

The house is only 2 years old and good sized , large enough for all the Kenyan Leisters & children and a few visitors that might drop by. It sits on an acre of land which the sellers intended to build more homes on for their family, so it is set up and ready for CWH to build several homes for house parents and 8 to 10 orphans. Similar to the plan and pattern already envisioned out on the Jua kali property. Keep praying for finances to build these homes!

The house deal in it self is such a miracle! The sellers were offered more money than CWH offered ( considerably more ) but when they prayed the sellers felt they heard God say that this home was built to accommodate the orphan children of Kenya. They have been so gracious to us an…

God Bless the rainy season!

Hello Blog Family! I know that you will not be surprised to hear that time goes by very fast for us, after what I shared in our last blog post. Things are very well here! We are a busy family of eight now and as soon as Marvin returns 9. The babies are growing wonderfully and we are being blessed more and more because of Gods gifts to us of His kenyan chidlren. Just to give you a peek into our house here is what the start of a day may look like for us Leisters in Kenya.

Sarah (3 months now ) & Gabriel ( 2 months ) wake up between 6:00 & 6:30 after several wake up calls during the night, we usually bring them in bed with us to enjoy their morning coos and giggles. If the sun is shinning, it is usually doing it in the morning and it fills our room with what feels like the warmth of God’s Glory. We enjoy this time of morning! This does not last to long though and by 7:00 our next 2 youngest, Margret ( 1 year on the 28th ) & Jerusalem ( 15 months) are awake and calling…

Working in God's field with the Children!

Hi everyone! I must apologize once again for being so late on getting this updated! I can not believe we have been back in country less than a month and so much has happened.

We have just finished a great week with Shari Seagren & Brad McDonald they encouraged us greatly with their love and support also all the great stuff for the babies they brought. We realized that we need to thank so many of you their in Colorado for all that you helped them to bring, it was a amazing blessing to unpack their bags and see the treasure they contained. We know that God will bless each of you that contributed! The 4 beautiful baby quilts are a rare thing here and we will cherish them, they are a perfect weight and everything.

All this came in very handy because we now have 4 babies! Our newest is Gabriel ( God is my strength ) Levi ( 5 weeks ) Horace brought him home from the hospital after the little girl we were suppose to get died of pneumonia. Gabriel also has pneumonia and the voluntee…

Home again in Kenya!

Hi Blog Family! Well we had a great time in the states, thank you all who supported us financially and in prayer! We got to see many of you and those we did not get to see we will make it a priority next time.

Here is a picture of the Leister clan celebrating Jacobs graduation in the states! The only ones missing were Josh & Rachel still in kenya. Here also is a picture of our 2 new members of the clan in kenya.

Kenya is in the heart of God have no doubt we have none! Things are not settled here yet, we are still seeing the affects of what has already happened and hearing new threats that there is violence still to come. But God is good all the time and His purposes will be accomplished.

As we have already said in the last blog, the Children with Hope board have received the vision to purchase a house in Eldoret Town to start the work of Tumaini Children’s Home, we are so excited!

We hit the ground running when we returned on the 1st of May. Before the week was over we …

We have had a great time!

Blessings everyone! It will not be long now and the Leister family will be returning to our land of promise, Kenya. We have had a incredible time with everyone here in the states.

We traveled to Grand Junction Colorado, to see our friends there with "Children With Hope". We stayed at the home of Thom & Shari Seagren. Thank you Makaylah for letting us sleep in your room and take over for the third time. Thank you boys for always making us feel so much at home.

We took some pictures of the area so all who read this could see what a beautiful area it is. All reports were that we would be headed for some very cold weather but God in His Grace for us Kenyans gave us beatiful warm weather every where we went.

We had the great privilege to share our vision of creating a secure Godly home & family for many children that do not have one,at River of Life Alliance Church, Pastor Rob Storey. We just want to say thank you again to everyone there who welcomed us and made us feel li…

Doing Well in the USA

Hi everyone! Just thought I would drop you all a note to let you know that we are doing well here in the USA, Lewiston ID to be exact. We have taken great advantage to catch up on family life here with our children & grandchildren. We are enjoying it to the max!

The apartment that we are using is so perfect for us. It is centrally located in down town Lewiston so that we are accessable to anyone who wants to drop by and so that we can walk anywhere we need to go. Horace has been working with a friend building. So he usally has the car. That gives the children and I opportunity to walk a great deal. I probubly walk 4or5 miles aday, it has been very good for all of us.

Marvin goes to soccer practice each day over at CHS ( Clarkston High School ) his 1st game to play in is Monday the 24th he is very excited.

We have been quite buisy sharing our experiences from Kenya, we had a opportunity to share with our home church " Hope Chapel Lewiston " on Sunday past, it was a great…