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November was a busy month!

The month stared with a visit from a CWH Team from Colorado! Thom, Dean and a new friend Rebecca (from Philly). The 1st thing we did was take them for a visit to Mbale, where Josh's family are living! Troy has been there helping with new baby, Eliza! It was a big day but a good one!

We drove another 30kl and went to a outdoor resturant in Kisumu!

They visited out at the property in Jua Kali! Isac and his new house.

Rebecca supervising the slide!

The team was a great help! Thom with Boaz! We enjoyed their visit so much!

Dean with the children!

While the team from Colorado was here we had our offical Opening! It was a great event! We had about 30 people present. We provided a tour of our home and Tea with Cookies and samosas ( a meat filled pastery )! Thom Seagren the President of CWH was our 1st speaker. He shared all of our testimony on how the work in Kenya began!

Our dear friend and mentor John Green from Testimony Faith Homes, spoke some very nice things about Tumaini Children'…
Hi everyone! We just celebrated our Debby's 3rd Birthday! One of the great parts to what we are doing here, is giving the children experiences they have never had! Ice cream cones were something no one had had before! It was great fun! We got no smiles from Debby though!

This was an obvious outdoor event!

Some needed more help than others!


Jewel enjoying her ice cream cone!

Joel eating his ice cream cone!

We have been trying to get a Family Picture! This is not as easy as it may sound, ha, ha! The children have been great though! This was our 5th attempt and we decided this would do to have enlarged for our wall!

This one we took outside and loved the colors and settings but the children looked at Peter who was taking the picture like they did not know him at all and no one could get hem to smile! Not one!

This was another attempt, we felt it was a bit to far away, but we liked the wonderful wall hanging!

We are busy here! Construction continues! Now that the new house project is…

Finally! A word from the Girls!


This is Pheobi she's my little ducky.
I call her ducky because she has the mouth of ducky in the "land befor time".
When she first came to us she made a little ducky sound.
Is'nt she adorable?

And little Joyce in her B-DAY hat I made for her.
It's the best hat I'v made so far, it has violet on top and voilet and purple mix
on the sides with purple on the bottom.
Pritty cool, I know!

HOLY HUVERING HUMING BIRDS! I forgot to tell you about this bug on the last blog.
This unplesent bug is a kind of cocroch! Oh and FYI, it was'nt in our house.
It was night time when it hit the window and we thought it was a bird becuse the
noise was so loud. Pritty disturbing, I know.

This adorable creater is Eliza. Is'nt she delightful?
She looks a lot like her brother, I think she also has some looks like
her Grandma Jessy. She also has a very expressive face.

This is Sylvia and guess what she's an OPRA singer.
Sylvia is so very funny,nice & pritty she has a very pritty …

The Girls have alot to say!

Hello guess who? Your right, it's me, Dannon!
Malachi left the 23rd of June, we all miss him!
He was a great helper!

My Dad just had a Birthday, yea!
It is crazy at Birthday time here.
We bought a cake mix here, an American cake mix, pretty cool, right.
Only some of the kids like cake.

Isn't Sarah a cutie pie.
We had to make her say cheese, just to make her smile.
Troy took these pictures, she Love's to take pictures.
She is very good at it too, don't you think.

Bea Say's hi! And she is praying for all you.
Even if she does not know you,
oh and she Love's you too.
She is so funny!
I ask her, "what I should write next" and she's like, "well could you right about me?"
And I said, "ya I guess so."

Well that is all for now Folks!

Hi,this is Dannon and I in our room.
I love this room not because it's our room but because it's
a perfect size room for Dannon and I.

This is the hat I made for Joyce for her Birthday.
Do you like it? Iam getting bette…

Things are a changes all the time!

Our Month started out with a Birthday Celebration for Nancy & Maggie! They are doing well, their mother's sidewalk business is doing well and she is mostly healthy!

Horace & Phyllis got to have a great 35th Anniversary retreat in Kisumu with Josh,Rachel and Big Boy Tekoa! We really just relaxed, it was great!

This is where Josh goes to school in Kisumu Kenya. In a few weeks Josh will complete his 2nd term and in Sept. 2010 will begin his 3rd and last term to complete his Medical Officer Training! Please have Josh,Rachel,Tekoa and new baby in your prayers for what the future holds!

Our helper Malachi has been a great inside and out!

Sad but true Malachi will be leaving Kenya on the 23rd of June, he will be missed!

We are so excited we are with in a few weeks of house completion! All the tile is in and the appliances go in tomorrow, toilets,sinks,showers by the weekend!!!


Boaz, is the youngest of our 6 new arrivals!


After just 2 weeks our Brighton who could not sit…