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It's the girls again!

Guess Who? It's Dannon, that's right!

One of our helper's Peter found a nest on the ground.
With two egg's in it, cool rite!
As you can see Troy opened it up.
sad right.
OK enough about the egg's.

As you can see Dema and I are very happy about the house.
The men are doing a great job don't you think?
I am sure my mom showed you the picture's of the Bathrooms. Troy & mine is the beautiful green one!

Here is a pic of me and Troyanna.
Troy is holding Boaz and I'am holding Judah.
I never put Judah down, he is the cutest thing!
He has big beautiful eyes!

That's all for now folks!

Habari,OK Iam sorry for tricking you about the spider but I just couldn't help myself.

So we went to the hospital the other day, this is Boaz and I.
Boaz is so little that his feet are not even three inches long and his fingers are so tiny they can,t even grab my thumb.

And this is Debby dancing on the changing table. Isn't she adorable?
Most of the nurses are very nice. The nurse th…
Hello to all our Family & Friends! God Bless you, from all of us at Tumaini Children's Center!

We were able to begin visits at the hospital again and see all our old and new friends! We met some very beautiful children we are hoping to bring to Tumaini and give them a permenant home! Please pray!



Troy & Dannon with the 2 small infants we met, Boaz & Judah!



Malachi and Phebe!



BaBa ( Father or Dad in kiswahili) Horace with Brighton at the hospital!

Horace poured the counter for the new kitchen last week and now the tiler's are moving from finishing of the baths to starting on the kitchen, yeah!!! It is getting done!

These are are the tiles for the kitchen. The big green one is for the counters! Sorry I forgot to add the floor tile, it is a shade or 2 darker copper than the wall tile, it will be a beautiful kitchen, the kenyans are so excited!

We have 5 baths in the new house and they are all tiled, Praise God! This is the guest bath, i…

A Word with the Girls!


This is Troy.

We are now trying a cook at our house, his name is George. George is very quiet
the only words he says are "yes" and "OK" but I know we will be good friends
just like Bea and I. Bea is our main helper in our house.

OK, so I woke up this morning and look what was in my net? That's right, a big old spider, it was dark brown with black eyes and big old teeth or whatever those things
are called, Mom said to stay still so it wouldn't move.

I'm not going to tell you I was scared, OK,FINE, I was scared!!!!!

If you want to see how scared I was click on the picture.
By for now

P.S. The spider wasn't real
Ha Ha! got ya

Hello it's me, Dannon.

Happy Mother's day to all Mother's.
My mom got breakfast in her bedroom.
Troy and I made breakfast for her and all the baby's made her a card.

We have a visitor, his name is Malachi.
All the kids love him, he is very funny.
He is staying with us for two months.
All the kids wake him up by yelling…


This is the site for the new orchard! It will be so great to have all the fruit we can eat! It will take abit of time for the trees to grow but thingsg grow fast around here.

Here are the trees out at Jua Kali, they are getting tall and it looks so wonderful out there!

We now have 4 rocking chairs in the house, they are a favorite place to sit with Dad!

This is the water we have around because of the rain!

This is the rain we get this time of year, that is why the roads are so bad!

This is the road ( I call it ) but they call it a city street out in front of our gate.

This is the road outside our gate, the men took all the building debree and helped improve the condition of the road with it.

The depree that was cleared to fill the road made the yard free for play! The Children are enjoying it, when it is not raining!

We never run out the need to be stiring up abit of cememt! Peter, Francis & Malichi

Here is our new helper at Tumaini! This is Malichi, from Colorado USA he will be interning…