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Blessed Christmas

What a month it has been! I kept thinking that we could not get any busier but we did! We came to a agreement with Nancy & Maggie's mother that felt like God's hand! She and only she will visit with them here once a month. They are now permanently part of Tumaini Childrens Center. Then we received our 8th & 9th child Joyce & Dema, we have a full house. Our #1 farmer rang us and ask for help, his wife just had a baby! We did not know that they were expecting. Some cultures here keep the wife inside and do not tell anyone until the blessed event! We guess this is what took place so Horace was out and helping right away! On the 12th of December we were so pleased to meet our newest grandson, Tekoa Jeshi Leister! Born here in Eldoret Kenya! Praise God He is so good to us! Tekoa's birth was a bit more than his parents expected so we have been doubly blessed to have Josh, Rachel & Tekoa for an extra 2 weeks,through the Holidays, yea!!!! We were also b

Spiritual Warfare

Dear Blog family,we are Praising the LORD that He is who He says He is and we are who He says we are! We talked a little last month about the escalation in spiritual warfare we have felt lately! We felt it this month in our physical heath but God is bigger than anything the enemy has to throw at us! We Praise God for all of you who have stood by us in prayer this month, it is truly what makes the difference for us. We spent more time in the hospital and at the Dr's office than we have ever. On Thanksgiving I was so sick, Horace had to stay home from the international dinner we were invited to with me and the Kenyan children( we sent Marvin,Troy & Dannon with Josh & Rachel they had a great time.) I asked God why the enemy was able to get at me and everyone else who had been sick here, He said to me " don't look at him, look at me!" it was a turning point for me! My spirit just went " oh yea, that's right, look up". We are all doing much bett