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Hi everyone, again it has taken me to long but here we are! 2011 ended with a bang!! This is a picture of the Christmas part we held here at Tumaini,with 60 of us in attendance! We had a great time eating and dancing and singing our Praises to God for another wonderful year! Dannon's 13th Birthday and Elizabeth & Esther's 1st Birthday! December 30, 2011 Thank you Elizabeth's sponsor, these were adorable outfits! This is for you Sidney! Thank you so much for the Birthday Gifts, we pray for you to feel well soon! Naomi prayed, that you be Healed in Jesus name, Amen! Naomi' 2nd Birthday! January 1 Phoebi's 3rd Birthday! January 10 Titus' 3rd Birthday! February 1st It is always such a pleasure for us when the Tuckers ( Faith Ministries ) come to visit! They were our 1st Hosts here in Kenya! They come twice a year to teach Pastoral College, they have a great ministry here, furthering the Kingdom of God! Ray Tucker, Laura, Jasmine, Thomas, Geri! Troy & Dannon