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Here we Go!

Hi everyone it is almost midnight here in Lewiston Idaho, USA but in Eldoret Kenya, Africa it is about to be 10:00 in the morning. We are flying out of Spokane at 6:00am on thursday, here in about 6 hrs. We will arrive in kenya at 8:45 Friday evening. Are we excited? Yes we are! Did we have tears saying goodbye to our friends and family, you bet! If we did not get to say goodbye to you and hug you personally we are doing it now. We love all of you so much. Know that it is your prayers that have kept this mom and grandmom going for the last few weeks. Please pray that we make it to meet up with Horace safely and that our seating arrangments are made by God. We must check in at each airport to get our seats and we need to sit at least one adult to one child. Horace asks for prayer on the bank account there, it was froze because they could not find his entry permit. Pray! Thank you all again for sending us and being with us in this journey to see God's will done in Kenya. PS Please pr
Hi Loved ones, How can I express to you how dear you are to this family, those here and Horace in Africa. Your prayers and support are appriciated beyound expression. I am thinking that God had me ( Phyllis ) stay here in the states while Horace went so I could experience some of the trial of being left at home. Now I know how important the prayer is for everyone here. It has been difficult, to say the least. We have battled on serveral different fields, but God is good all the time. The kids and I are well again, thank you Jesus! Today our flights got changed because of problems in Kenya so we are flying out the 27th at 6:00 in the morning. Pray for flight mercies! Packing our life in a few suitcases is hilarious! We pack, rethink , unpack and pack again. We are spending as much time with our family as we can, particularly me and the grandchildren. Everyone is trying so hard to help us, it is awsome how our children are supporting all this when I know they have to be felling abit dese

Update on Horace in Kenya

Hi Everyone, We love you all! We are so thankful for all your prayers, it just would not be the same with out them, we can all be sure of that. As I said before Horace is safely in Kenya. He spent about 6 days in Nairobi and then flew to Eldoret. He has not been successful yet, in finding a auto! We do need prayer for that one. It has been raining there for about 13 weeks and walking, which alot of the people do, is very burdensom. We have to far and to many places to travel to do much of that. He was able to see our rental and he says it will do very nicely for us and those wanting to come and help. It is quite large and everything we prayed for in the safety area. God is so good and He takes care of our every need, may He get all the Glory for what is accomplishe. We may even get to have high speed internet on different occations, Marvin is very excited about that. Horace is doing very well. He had a bit of jetlag and not feeling good while he was in Nairobi but says he is great now

Horace in Kenya

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you know that Horace arived in Nairobi on Friday morning 7:00 or so Kenyan time, which is 10 hrs differnce, just in case you were wondering. He did not arrive with his bags, but they found them in London and they are sending them! Praise God! Please pray that this does not happen when the whole fam goes, because we do not have 3 or 4 days in Nairobi to hang around. Horace is there in Nairobi until he can find a car for all of us. Continue to pray for this it is the next answer we need. As soon as He finds a car he will be off to Eldoret not by himself, we have a Kenyan Pastor friend who will be traveling with him. Thank you Jesus! Please pray for road travel mercies and that the people who are helping Horace will see the blessing of the Lord in their lives. I have been a the Hunger Con. sence we dropped Horace off at the airport. Heidi Baker was on of the speakers and she spoke somethings right to my heart, more on that later. Thank you so much e

About to be Kenyan Life

Hi everyone I hope I will get better about keeping this up dated, I am sure I will when it is my main source of communication. For those who haven't heard we had our prayers answered and our sweet little Addison ( Jake & Randi's newest) is here, born August,17th . She seemed to be in a hurry and made it here 2 weeks before schedule. We had been praying for an early arrival so her and Grampa Horace could meet face to face. Praise God, they have had the opportunity to meet more than once. She is here pictured with her Uncle Marvin. We are all trying to hold her as much as we can. Next thing on the calendar is September 5th, Horace will fly out of Spokane at about 1:45 if his ticket every gets her from the travel agent. We haven't see it yet but again God has promised that He would provide for all our needs both here and there so we are standing on it. He is never early or late. The house that was being considered has come through and we recieved the lease agreement last w