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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year From Kenya

Hello everyone, loving us through this season! We so appreciate it! This was a very different Christmas, no doubt! We struggled with diverse situations, thoughts and traditional exspectations. I thought I would begin this with being transpartent and open! Ok, now, Was it good? Yes it was a good time we all grew and were tought what Christmas is all about. We heard a sermon given at the Children's Church we have been attending. It was on God's Goverment coming to earth in the life of His son manafested in a human baby. The Pastor asked them " where is heaven?" all together they yell "in our hearts" basicly they were tought they have all they need in Jesus and they can depend on Him for all they ask of Him. The sermon so touched me and how it was recieved, tought me so much. The Pastor gave a 25 min message and then we helped hand out juice and cookies, twenty cups at atime because thats all they had. There were 120 children there, they sat and waite

Went to Training and Church!

Here are some update pictures show our adventures for the week! We attended a workshope training that I told everyone about in the last blog. It was very good and we recieved a certificate to beable to treach this to others. We did not realize this was how it was set up but were very grateful for it. This will enable us to to upgrade our trainings that we will be doing with our staff at Tumaini Children's Center. We got invited to attend a Children's Church down in one of the slum areas. It was so fantastic. We drove down into the slum, which is hard to discribe, we did not take our camera or video. We did not want to make it seem like we were there just for a photo shoot. The pictures that we took were from Horace's camera phone. There were over 100 children there their average is 200, the building you will see is about 25X30, just metel and dirt floor. The service lasted about 2hrs., the children's ages averaged from 3months to 19. The older kids came with the Pas

Tumaini Children' Center going forward

Hi everyone! We are feeling so excited about things moving right along here! Horace and Marvin have been out configuring the building site area. The above picture shows Marv and others looking at where the 1st homes will be buildt. Just tho the right of them where the van is parked will be the site of the Addministrators house ( ours for now ). The other picture shows Rachel & Marv with a group of chidren who showed up to play games and sing songs! Tumaini ( hope in swahili) Children's Center ( this is what we are called in Kenya ) is now registered with the District Forum that meets evey month to go over the laws and needs of Children's Homes here in Eldoret. I think we wrote you about this Forum earlier. There are 45 or so childrens organizations registered, this makes a group to listen to. Horace and I are attending 3days of workshops this week that the Forum is sponcering to help better prepare others for setting up Children's Homes and Rescue Centers. They have

More Pictures

Hi again, my inter net connection went down before I got to finish! While we were at the Children's church dedication, the Austrailan man came over to Phyllis with a litle boy who had a hurt neck. We prayed a simple prayer and later he was boasting his neck was all better, Praise God he uses just us simple people! The mountain pictures are the view from the view point lodge and the lodge itself! Kenya is such a beatiful country!

Children's Meeting Place

Hi everyone, I will try to make this bit shorter, I get to going on and on! We are all doing well! Christmas is just about apon us and the sun is still shinning the flowers are still bloming and I guess we live in paradise. We thank our family and friends who have sent us pictures of the snow back home the children and I are very grateful, we so love the snow. Horace is so very grateful for where we are he has always been able to do with out the snow. This week has been another eventful week we have had all sorts of trips and things to see and experience. We were taken by some neighbors to a view spot up in the mountains. They were both world class runners before they were married. They took us to St. Particts High School, in the town of Iten. This is a very successful and famous school where they develope world the fastes people in the world, literally! If you go out a mile or so from here you come to a view point where a man from Belguim built a resturant and cabins. It is a very b