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Happy New Year update on our " New Home for our Tumaini Family " January 2016

Happy New Year! Our Newest update   "A New Home for our Tumaini Family!" We are so grateful for the people who have so generously given into this time sensitive project!  Our family here at Tumaini must have a new home by this time next year!  Unfortunately our offer on the 1 acre with the buildings did not go through. This is how it is in Kenya. But God knows all things and we are trusting and following Him.   We are now on a line with our original option and that is buying land and starting our house from ground up.  There were many pluses to the first property but there are also many pluses to this land which has no buildings and one of the most important is that we get to start from scratch and we know for sure what has been done to get the house we have at the end. Horace came to Kenya with this in mind and has already build here, so he is very excited to begin.  The cost will eventually be around the same amount $400,000 ( 40 mil ks or GBP