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Finally a new post!

Hello blog family! We are truly here! We have been very buisy getting things in order here at our new home. We set up a new internet system, this does not change our address or anything just how we operate from here. It has been quite a month. We have had a visit from Romanian friends that was just wonderful. We can not wait until they come again. They shared their love for chidlren with those we have here and encouraged us so much with their love for all of us and kenya. Thom Seagren & Dean Miller arrived on the 19th of Sept. and left on the 24th. They were able to check out the new house and work on long term planning. We saw the vision we all have for the orphaned children here in kenya come to life on this property and expand to future plans for the Jui Kali propery, it was a exciting time. Besides the fact that we just enjoyed haveing their company around our home. They got to meet and know the children we now have and to even visit chidlren we are looking at bringing