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Christmas at Tumaini 2014

Sorry this is late our internet has not had the speed to send!  Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas and a Happy God New Year! Hello our Loved ones!   We are so excited to Thank you for all that you have meant to us here at Tumaini Home and the Family Keys International Ministry in 2014.    Your generosity through prayer, encouragement and finances, has been miraculous.    And God has not been short on the miraculous this year for sure!   Through your support we have seen incredible physical healings, salvations, rescued children come to know God’s Great love, redeemed family situation, friendships made and so much more.   All because you are so faithful to pray and give.   2015 is going to be an unprecedented year in the Kingdom of God.   We are looking to the future and hoping to see it as God sees and only do what God Himself is doing.   Can there be any life more exciting or fulfilling then this, we do not think so.   Please join us as we adve

July,August,Sept,October 2014 continuing .....

Hi, it has been a few months and so much has happened here at our wonderful Tumaini!  We have had many birthdays, visitors and even new baby arrivals.  We have celebrated The Feast of Trumpets ( Rosh Hashanah God's New Year ), The Day of Atonement ( Yon Kippur ), and we had a great time with celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles!  Praise God for all that He provides for us!! In July we were blessed with a new batch of puppies! WE have had so much birthing here at Tumaini in this year!  Thank you Jesus! Joyce 7th birthday in July Dad Leister's 62 Birthday in July We were so blessed with a new friend from Holland!  Thank you Laura for all that you gave us here at Tumaini straight from your heart filled with the Love of God!! Reuben's 6th Birthday in July Dama's 9th Birthday in August In August we were visited by the wonderful team from Hope Chapel Lewiston!  They honoured us and assisted us in so many ways.  There

More of 2014

The year rolls on, May - June 2014 Birthdays Zuri 3rd birthday Gale 2nd Birthday Samuel 2nd Birthday Thomas 3rd Birthday Abagail 5th Birthday Gabrial 6th Birthday Olive 4th Birthday Debby 6th Birthday Nancy's 12 Birthday & Maggie's 7th  We celebrated Mother's day with Mom Phyllis! We had to say goodbye to our dear friends the Fitzpatricks for a couple of months! Josh & Rachel's new son Emmanuel, born June 7th. Our family was blessed with two new grandchildren! Jeremy & Jessica's new daughter Abagail, born June 1st Roses for Grandma Phyllis! New pjs and shoes, so thank full for God's provision through our friends and family in Lewiston. Co op presentation day! Picnic in Josh and Rachel's park lawn with Papa and Nana Schmidt. Our family here and there! Hope you enjoy these pictures and fast run thr