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The year rolls on, May - June 2014 Birthdays Zuri 3rd birthday Gale 2nd Birthday Samuel 2nd Birthday Thomas 3rd Birthday Abagail 5th Birthday Gabrial 6th Birthday Olive 4th Birthday Debby 6th Birthday Nancy's 12 Birthday & Maggie's 7th  We celebrated Mother's day with Mom Phyllis! We had to say goodbye to our dear friends the Fitzpatricks for a couple of months! Josh & Rachel's new son Emmanuel, born June 7th. Our family was blessed with two new grandchildren! Jeremy & Jessica's new daughter Abagail, born June 1st Roses for Grandma Phyllis! New pjs and shoes, so thank full for God's provision through our friends and family in Lewiston. Co op presentation day! Picnic in Josh and Rachel's park lawn with Papa and Nana Schmidt. Our family here and there! Hope you enjoy these pictures and fast run thr