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November was a busy month!

The month stared with a visit from a CWH Team from Colorado! Thom, Dean and a new friend Rebecca (from Philly). The 1st thing we did was take them for a visit to Mbale, where Josh's family are living! Troy has been there helping with new baby, Eliza! It was a big day but a good one! We drove another 30kl and went to a outdoor resturant in Kisumu! They visited out at the property in Jua Kali! Isac and his new house. Rebecca supervising the slide! The team was a great help! Thom with Boaz! We enjoyed their visit so much! Dean with the children! While the team from Colorado was here we had our offical Opening! It was a great event! We had about 30 people present. We provided a tour of our home and Tea with Cookies and samosas ( a meat filled pastery )! Thom Seagren the President of CWH was our 1st speaker. He shared all of our testimony on how the work in Kenya began! Our dear friend and mentor John Green from Testimony Faith Homes, spoke some very nice things about Tumaini Children