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A Miracle Month!

Wow, what a month February has been! I think I will declare the unconditional love of God and His favor at the beginning of every month! We have had so many testimonies to God's miracles around us! So I am releasing the Spirit of Prophesy in proclaiming the testimony of Jesus! We have a new housekeeper ( described as house help here in Kenya) she has worked for us around 3 months. Her and her husband pastor a church in one of the slum areas,Heruma. This area was one of the areas most hit by the violence last year. Many sad stories, many women and children left abandoned because of a dead or just missing husband. Bea and Francis minister to these families! They are good people and good workers too, Francis has been working on the new house with Horace. While working in our kitchen Bea noticed that we had a super surplus of 500ml tins with lids. These tins are what the babies formula comes in and we go through about 5 a week. We have used as many as we could for storing differen