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Playground Blessing!

Playground Blessing!   We are always overjoyed at how much more God can bless than we ever expect!   In 2012 some friends found a fiberglass manufacture who would make a slide for the children at their home.  We were amazed when we saw it!  Usually slides here are made of metal and are so hot they can not be played on a good portion of the year.  Of course for anything made special  like this slide, it cost a lot here in Kenya.  We admired it from afar knowing that the expense was too high.  Then Dad Horace began to pray!  He remembered that God had always given us a high vision for what He wanted for these children, they are not orphans but His own children, as we teach them " You are the Children of the Most High God!"   And that is how it began!         1st we received a notice that the dance team " Over Flow " from River City Dance School ( River City Church, Lewiston Idaho ) wanted to plan a fundraiser for Tumaini Home.  " Was there an