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Holidays in Kenya!

Hi all our loved ones in the states! We are still very on and off with the internet. We just today changed to a new service, prayfully it will help our concistancy. We have now had 3 birthdays and Thanksgiving in Kenya. Marvin's, Myself andd Troy's we had people from 9:30am to 10:30pm ,it was a great day' On Thanksgiving we were invited to the Church of Christ,Discipleship Colege, to have lunch with all the foreign missionaries. That means that everyone was white excet the 2 wemon whom we have met who are married to Americans. It was very odd for us at first because we had not seen a group of whites the whole time we have been here. There were about 50 of us counting children, the children we have never seen in town. There were some from America, Germany, Switzerland and France. The Europieans do not celebrate Thanksgiving obviously but they like to socilize with other white foke. It was a very nice day and the food was great! They invited us to a missions prayer time ea

News From Kenya

Hello Love ones! It has been awhile I apologize, we have not been able to work out all the kinks in the internet connection, I am not sure we ever will. So, TIA ( this is Africa ) We are making such good friends here. It is amazing how God is opening doors of relationship. We know you are praying! We have had some good news about the title, it will probably be in Justus Amunga's ( the pastor who has been helping CWH for awhile) name by the end of the month, now the real hurdle, is getting it in CWH"s name. Because it is a election year, all governmental paper work is at a stand still. God can do anything though, even move paper work from one desk to another and get people to sign it. The paperwork that needs to be pressed through is our NGO ( non Government Org.) then the title can be in CWH's name. Until this is done, I think I have already said this, but we are being told by many that it is not safe to build or improve your land unless it is in your name only, it is suc