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Flow River Flow!

  Lately I have been looking into my life and crying out for the reality of Heaven to manifest! I guess I pictured the windows of Heaven opening and Angels ( which the children have seen ) and visions like the book of John.  Instead God has been teaching me very simply with His most wonderful Presence the reality of His love, the very nature, atmosphere and currency of Heaven, God's unlimited, unfathomable, undeniable ever flowing LOVE!   Children understand this unexplainable Love of God! They are Heaven's perfect conduits!  Jesus said " Let the children come "  I believe there was something going on here ( Mark 10:14) that the Father recently revealed to me!  Jesus was weary and again he had given all of himself that day to a dry and thirsty world, He was maybe parched for His Heavenly Home. In front of him was God's river of Love rushing towards him.  All of a sudden, arms were thrown out to stop this wave of God's unconditional love, with good in