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December is here!

Here are our Team from Hope Chapel Lewiston! Jeph, Sean, Savanah, James and Jason! We are so appreciative of their Love, Laughter and help! We had such a blessed 9 days with them! We had so much fun with wigs and all the great gifts the team brought us! James was a natural! The help that was done on the inside of the house with the children was great! Savanah, was amazing with the children too! This was the day they tried Ugali and Sucuma! They were surprised they liked it better than exspected! One project the team Helped with was completing both sides of facia! So much was accomplished while the team was here! While Horace and Jeph & Sean were working here on closing in the gables, others were working on the roof of the other house and several more projects were completed! Thank you Lewiston Team! Your help saved Horace weeks of work! These are parents and students out in the front of the small rural school we have become friends with! The benches you

November Update!

This is our new door that access the play yard! This is our play yard at the exicting house! A access door was just completed this week so the children can go in and out from the play room! We are so grateful to our Daddy for taking the time out of his busy work on the new house to complete this for us before it gets very hot! Here is the new house! It is coming right along! The windows are in and the plastering will begin in a week or so! This is when it will really change! It will be plastered inside and out and then we can begin to paint! We have a team from the US coming this month and next to help! Yea! Ruth is our newest! She is now 7 months old and she is so beautiful! She came with a huge swollon belly from malnutrition! She had s sever lung infection that we were able to get medication for. She was resqued by a children's center and we picked her up there. She is now growing so well and is so happy, as long as we keep her fed!!! Enoch was born Decembe