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Hello our dear Family!

Hello Family We realize it has been a long few months since you have recieved a update from us here at Tumaini Children's Home.   We are sorry, we have been going through the bumps and trials of making this fantastic move that we have been blessed to make.   Moving from city to rural seems quite harmless when you are in the thinking stage of things but when we actually picked ourselves up and moved out here we found it is quite a new experience for everyone.   We had a staff of 12 in the thinking stage but as we moved out several of our staff including all our teaching staff decided they could not make the move.  So Mom has been teaching until this last month when we hired our new teacher.   Things are going along really well, God is so good and faithful to His plans!   Please do not imagine we do not think of all of you even if you are not hearing from us directly because it is not true.  You are on our minds constantly. We look around at what we now have as a hom