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Shining Light Pre-School's 1st Graduation

On November 15th 2012 we Graduated our Top Class from Kindergarten to Primary.  We had three students who will be promoted to 1st grade Jewel, Sarah, Dama.  We are so proud of them!  After walking through their official evaluations the reports were fantastic and each were awarded their pass.       Gabriel will continue on with the Top Class 2013. Our very good friends and Pastors here in Kenya Nim & Prishilla Masu were here to join us in giving  encouraging words to the present and future students.      Several came to encourage and congratulate!       Pastor Nim shared from Proverbs 20:10 showing the children from God's word that even children are know by their good deeds.  The children really heard this word and repeated it to me later reminding me of what was said.    Shining Light Pre-School student body ( except Gabe, who wanted nothing to do with being a celebrity ).    Teacher Rose leading in

The last few weeks!

  Hi everyone, we thought we would send you a smile today with our update on things happening here at Tumaini , God is so good! Our weather has been oddly cool and rainy which is great for the greenery, vegies and fruit but not so good for playing outside and puppy whelping.   With all the rain you would think water would be no problem but not the case here!  We have had a large growth of residents here in the Eldoret area, water has become a big problem, not enough city water to go around. Because of low water our 50 year old house has had some major problems.  Horace has changed out our major attic tank and numerous plumbing situations through out the house.  Needless to say we have been living a full African life with bucket baths and pritty much bucket everything!  Praise God we have been able to catch the rain water in our 2500 liter outdoor storage tank to fill the buckets!     Here are our Mana & Nala's new family of puppies!   Mom Nala had a