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A Word from the Girls!

Habari, From Troy This is me in my future room! Is'nt it beautiful? It's a big room but I'm not going to have the room all to myself Iam going to share it with Dannon which is alright with me because it is a rather large room. Here is Sarah and I with our bunny ears on. Sarah is so adorable, isn't she? We each got a pair of bunny ears or flower crown for Easter, from a friend in Colorado. All of the girls like to dress up with them and it is so cute. This bug was in the little girls room. Sarah pointed at it and said "dudu" that means "bug" in kiswahili. It was some kind of large beattle. I took it outside and let it go. I wanted to keep it for a pet but I knew how Mom would feel about this, not Ok! I went to Josh and Rachels house in Kisumu with Mom,Dad,Three babies and Dannon. It takes two and a half hours to get to kisumu. I had so much fun going there. This is me and Gabe at a restaurant in Kisumu. Gabe was being so funny when he put my hat on, i

April Already!

This month begins with the 1st birthday of our precious Ruth! She is such a happy baby and so much enjoyed her day!! We did not have to coax Ruth at all to enjoy her Birthday treat! She gummed it right down! Each of the children have a plate with their name on it like this one! Aren't they beautiful!! The were designed and painted by 2 sisters who attend the Seagren's church in Grand Junction, CO. We use them for Birthday celebrations, they are perfect! Thank you Shellie for the happy gift of flowers and bunny ears! Troy & Dannon want to use them as props for a skit they are doing with the children! We will let you know how it all turns out! Joyce Troy & Reuben bunnies! Two of our little Easter Flowers! We had an opportunity to take some of the children to a small center set up with rural tribal home & animals, it was a great outing for all of us! The children were so interested in the bunnies that they did not even notice this beautiful peacock, but I did! The ostr

A Word from the Girls

Habari, remember that means (how are ya). So the other day Dad was boiling water and a cockroach ran out of the bottom of the kettle. Dad "doomed" the bottom of the kettle and hit it on the counter about ten cockroaches fell out. So many fell out that we couldn't count them, OK maybe not that many but still a lot fell out. It was awsome! Speaking about bugs when it rains here lots of kumbe kumbe, that means (termite) come out and not just any termite but flying termites and Kenyans eat them for a snack! They say they taste just like meat from a cow. ByE for now, Troy Hi it's me Dannon. Happy Easter I had a very fun Easter. My mom made chicken, stuffing, Banana cream pie for Easter dinner. I love my Mom! I hope you had a good Easter too. This was a day we took all the baby's to the new house, as you can see I am looking out the window. The baby's love it when we take them in the new house. I just had my first sleepover in Kenya. We went for french fries and i