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Dear Blog family, we are moved, Praise God! These are the times when we can really feel all of your prayers. It is quite different to move here than it is in the states. Cardboard boxes are a premium here, you just do not go down to the local supermarket and pick the extra ones up. If some one here gets a box they keep it and use it until it literally falls apart. So we packed up all our belongings in our suitcases and plastic bags we have. It was interesting to say the least. We have a Kenyan family that we have talked about on this blog, their names are Japheth & Naomi Kimutie. They have been exceptional friends to us and they own 2 large covered lorries ( trucks ). They used one to help us move. We were so blessed because as I have said before this is the rainy season. You count on it raining every day. You do not think you have much stuff until you have to pack it up and move it. It took 3 trips with the truck. I forget at times that we are a family of 10 now and