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Our School!

      Shining Light ACE Missions School Tumaini Children's Home Kenya       Graduation 2013 Our Ceremony was opened with prayer led by our Beautiful Damaris.   This year we Graduated 6 Kindergartners to 1st Grade!  We are so proud of you ( left to right ) Joyce, Matthew, Reuben, Brenda, Enoch, Debby!       If you know us at all you will understand our excitement in each of these achievements.  Joyce came to Tumaini weighing less than 10lbs at age 18 months abandoned at Hospital, cleft lip, cleft pallet, heart defect.  Matthew abandoned at Hospital, was supposed to have sever autism.  Reuben abandoned at the Hospital, four months old was dying of a intestinal infection.  Brenda was abandoned at birth in out door toilet, attacked by rats destroying right forearm. Enoch born weeks premature, was dying of dehydration, abandoned at Hospital.  Debby abandoned at Hospital with sever back deformity.  Each of these wonderful children you see here,

December 2013 already!

I can not believe 2013 is so close to the end!  God has been so Gracious and Faithful continually to us here at Tumaini.  I will try to give you a quick pictorial run down of the last few months.  I think you will see why time runs so fast here for all of us!     Birthdays August, September, October, November, December!     Damaris 8 years!       Brenda 5 years!       Brighton 5 years!       Felix 1 year!       Alex 1 year1       Mom Phyllis 57 years!       Troy 17 years!    Joel 4 years!     Enoch  5 years!       Matthew 5 years!     God has blessed us with so many new friends!   Our friend Nancy has come every Friday taking Dannon & Troy's place watching the preschoolers so that they and Mom & Dad could go out for an hr or so just the 4 of us!  What a blessing!       The Fitzpatrick family also comes on Fridays in the afternoon with snacks to play!