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Lots of work getting done!

Dear Blog Family, surprise! I though we might get a short update done before the end of the month. One thing is sure around here, time goes by very fast. I think because we are so busy We can hardly believe we have lived IN our new home for 2 months and been in Kenya for a year, wow!! Already this month we have received our newest baby. Her name is Brenda and she is 2 months old. She is very tiny and like all the abandoned babies we have met, she is a fighter. She was found abandoned in a latrine when she was just a few days old, her arm having been chewed up badly by rats is now healing nicely. She is so precious and everyone here has fallen in love with their new baby sister! Horace and Marvin have been working hard to put up a pole building where Horace can fabricate much of what will be used in building the new children’s home. Which by the way is coming right along. Horace has talked with the building authorities and the DCO ( district children’s officer ) about the purpose