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Christmas at Tumaini 2014

Sorry this is late our internet has not had the speed to send!  Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas and a Happy God New Year! Hello our Loved ones!   We are so excited to Thank you for all that you have meant to us here at Tumaini Home and the Family Keys International Ministry in 2014.    Your generosity through prayer, encouragement and finances, has been miraculous.    And God has not been short on the miraculous this year for sure!   Through your support we have seen incredible physical healings, salvations, rescued children come to know God’s Great love, redeemed family situation, friendships made and so much more.   All because you are so faithful to pray and give.   2015 is going to be an unprecedented year in the Kingdom of God.   We are looking to the future and hoping to see it as God sees and only do what God Himself is doing.   Can there be any life more exciting or fulfilling then this, we do not think so.   Please join us as we adve