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New Wash house & tanks

The small building that you see has been used for several puposes since we moved here 3 years ago guardhouse, office and now we have remodled it to take care of our ever expanding laundry. To make this work well Horace needed to put in a tank for presure. 1st him and Peter built the platform you see to the right. Then I asked how the were going to get the 5000 leter tank on it? This is the story of that day in pictures! As some say " a picture is worth many words" Here is our New tank in it's place! Thank you Jesus! Dad Leister has never been afraid of heights or climbing! When we were 1st married ( over 36 years ago) I went to his work place,a large warehouse. I inquired of a man, where I could find him and he smiled this wicked smile at me and motioned for me to follow him inside. I step inside and he pointed up to the rafters of this huge empty cavern of a building and when my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, I saw my husband, walking with no concern, across a beam