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Dear Blog family! We are getting ready to move! The final paper work & monies were taken care of today July 31, hurrah!! Tumaini Children’s Center has a home! We are so excited! Our official moving day is the 15th of August. We are a family of 10 now, our Marvin is back. He is adjusting to life in kenya again and doing well. We are going to keep him very busy, with moving and all. He was very missed and he was greeted by a full house. Hi comment was “ there are so many “ not really but when you are greeted by them all at the same time it just seems like it. All the children love him already and he does so well with all of them. Jerusalem is the most taken with him and we have seen more smiles for Marvin then we have ever seen. Josh & Rachel have returned also! They are now getting prepared for their move to Kisumu town. It is about 80 miles west of us, on the edge of Lake Victoria. Josh will being going to a school for Clinical Medicine there. Someday they will b


Just a quick up date! We got a call that Nancy's mother wanted her to be taken care of and if we would! We were very happy and relieved to go and pick her up! Nancy is 6 and she is Marget's sister. The reunion between the 2 was great. They had not seen each other for 2 months. It was a great reunion for all of us. She reconized Horace & I right away and came over to hug us. We are a family of 9 now and just waiting for Marvin to make us 10, PRAISE GOD! We again want all of you, our dear Blog family that pray for us to know how efective your prayers are! We love you all and could not be doing this with out you! Love The Leisters in Kenya

Tumaini Children's Center has a home!

Thank you blog family for all your prayers! Children With Hope are purchasing a house!!!!! God is providing for us again in a big way for this ministry to go forward in helping the orphan children of Kenya, Tumanini Children's Center begins! The house is only 2 years old and good sized , large enough for all the Kenyan Leisters & children and a few visitors that might drop by. It sits on an acre of land which the sellers intended to build more homes on for their family, so it is set up and ready for CWH to build several homes for house parents and 8 to 10 orphans. Similar to the plan and pattern already envisioned out on the Jua kali property. Keep praying for finances to build these homes! The house deal in it self is such a miracle! The sellers were offered more money than CWH offered ( considerably more ) but when they prayed the sellers felt they heard God say that this home was built to accommodate the orphan children of Kenya. They have been so gracious to us an