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Dear Friends and Family of Tumaini Children’s Home. This is a year of change for all of us here at Tumaini and travel plans for Dad, Mom, Troy and Dannon.  This is the year our Big Sister Troyanna returns to the US to pursue what God has in mind for her, this will change all of our lives greatly.  Leaving our family here at Tumaini is hard for everyone. Not only is it hard emotionally but also financially!  We truly need your help dear friends and family! Our travels will begin in April, some friends have given Horace, Phyllis, Troy and Dannon a fully paid vacation trip for 9 days beginning on the 20th, so that we can spend some quality time together before Troy leaves. What a wonderful Blessing! Then at the end of May we will begin our trip to the US for 6 weeks. Travel is expensive in it’s self but leaving our home here compounds the regular expenses because we will have to pay many in advance or leave stored.  We are hoping God will lead you to help us