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Last few months of Birthdays Don't forget Sponsorships are still needed!

May Birthdays Zuriel May 6th - 1 year  ( Praise God, Fully Sponsored ) Gabrial May 7th -  4 years old   ( Needs Sponsoring ) Abagail May 10th -  3 years old  ( Needs Sponsoring ) Thomas May 16 - 1 year old ( Needs more Sponsors ) Olive June 8 - 2 years old  ( Nees more Sponsors ) Joyce July 5 - 5years old  ( Needs Sponsors ) Reuben July 16 - 4 years old  ( Needing Sponsors ) Debby August 4th - 4 years old  ( Needs Sponsors ) Damarise August 8 - 7 years old  ( Needs Sponsors ) Brenda August 27 - 4 years old  ( Needs Sponsors ) Thank you everyone for the responce we have had to sponsor the children here at Tumaini.  Please follow through if you have contacted us about sponsorship.  Remember it can take several sponsors to get each child completely sponsored.  A direct link and step by step instuctions on how to set up a account at are written ou

Sponsorships still needed.

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." We sing a Praise song that has this quote in it and the children love it "  Let, Let, Let the children come....."  They get louder and louder in their enthusiasm, as they sing the call I believe they hear in their hearts. Their place is at the feet of Jesus, before His throne receiving all that He has already provided for them in His kingdom!  This is why our home exists, so they will know and come!! This is our Brenda! Brenda is just about to turn 4 years on the 28th of August!  She is a Lioness and has been this since the 1st day we brought her home with us, she was 8 weeds old.  She only weighed 2 kg and had suffered abandonment in a dry latrine and before being rescued the rats had began to eat on her, leaving her with a open wound that took most of her small forearm.  The arm was drawn up in a stiff

" Poa ( good ) Place" a great adventure!

Saturday the 11th of August,  we got an opportunity to take the children to the Cultural Park we have here in Eldoret.  We went in 2 groups because our Condor only sits 7 adults and we can ususally fit a few more children in there than that.  We had a great time, we wanted to share it with all of you!  Here we are with the 1st group, being introduced to our tour guide.   A Ugandan crane wondering free.  These are very large birds, they would not let the children get close enough so that we could see a comparison but the birds are taller than most of our children. They are a awesome bird, beautiful! The monkeys were very entertaining and of course we all enjoyed them, except Eliza, she did not know what to think of their noises. This is the mama baboon and she wanted fed! This guy decided he would let out his tail for the children, they were very impressed. We are looking for the turtles, just left looking at the Tortoises.  This is a go

Sponsor a Child

Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States once said " Children are our most valuable resource." A resource is a place you go where something is accumulated and can be drawn from when needed. The growth and sustainability of a resource depends on good stewardship.  Giving to what is already there and not just taking! John W. Whitehead, founder of Rutherford said this " Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see." How we care for the worlds children of today will determine the world of tomorrow! Help us care for our great resource in Kenya. This is Ruth.  She is 3 years old.  Ruth came to be part of our family in 2009, she was 6 months old.  Ruth's family was caught up in the political clashes of 2007-2008.  They lost their home and had to live at the DPC ( Displaced Persons Camp ).  While living there for over 2 years in a tarp tent, Ruth's mother gave birth to her and then subsequently died when she was 6 m