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A quick review of the last few months, sorry!

As I began this blog, I realized that I had never shown a picture of coming into our compound at Tumaini! Here are a couple of pictures to show what it looks like on the outside, going out of Tumaini. This will change soon because we are painting the gate and putting up a sign that will identify our home! Looking down our street before turning into the gate! Christmas 2010 was a great time! Praise God for all his goodness! Here we are celebrating with our Tumaini House staff! The Josh Leister family were with us and we all went out to Jua Kali to celebrate with our farm families too! January brought a visit from some of our great friends from home, Lewiston ID! We had a fantastic 4 days with them, we hope they come back soon! Thank you Barry, Rochell and Ehud! We took them to our favorite mountain retreat, Iten! We had a great meal and spacial time together. The 1st Week end in Febuary began our 6 month course in Child Development & Behavour that I am teaching for our Tumaini Staff