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Things are a changes all the time!

Our Month started out with a Birthday Celebration for Nancy & Maggie! They are doing well, their mother's sidewalk business is doing well and she is mostly healthy! Horace & Phyllis got to have a great 35th Anniversary retreat in Kisumu with Josh,Rachel and Big Boy Tekoa! We really just relaxed, it was great! This is where Josh goes to school in Kisumu Kenya. In a few weeks Josh will complete his 2nd term and in Sept. 2010 will begin his 3rd and last term to complete his Medical Officer Training! Please have Josh,Rachel,Tekoa and new baby in your prayers for what the future holds! Our helper Malachi has been a great inside and out! Sad but true Malachi will be leaving Kenya on the 23rd of June, he will be missed! We are so excited we are with in a few weeks of house completion! All the tile is in and the appliances go in tomorrow, toilets,sinks,showers by the weekend!!! Kitchen! Boaz, is the youngest of our 6 new arrivals! Brighton! After just 2 weeks our Brighton who could