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2014 so far more and more....

      Just as I promised, more of April 2014     In April our beautiful Ruth turned 5 years old.  At the party we learned how you celebrate a birthday salute in Germany, you lift the Birthday girl up in her chair, how ever many years she is!  Ruth liked this!     These are our friends from Germany, Anna-Leina and Mattius from Germany.  They are both students in Germany.  You might remember seeing Anna in our pictures late 2012, she came and helped us here at Tumaini for several months.  It was so wonderful to see them and have their help during this busy time. When they left Tumain they went with a group to a refugee camp to share Jesus over Easter week.  They are a great Godly couple.      They planned and led all in a great day of coloring eggs and going on a egg hunt!  This is something we had never done at Tumaini, everyone had such a great time.  Everyone got in on the fun!        Dannon having a hard time finding her

2014 so far continued !

  March and April 2014 were very busy and full of God's Good works Our 17 year old daughter Troy is always making indigenous friends.  Sarah Ellen had her 6th Birthday on March 3rd, each year celebration is so incredible to us because it gives us another chance to appreciation what God has done in each of our children's lives. We celebrated Boaz's 4th Birthday in March also!  Praise God for Boaz and all his energy!     Also in March Mom Phyllis was informed she would have to go for a tumor removal from her left eye.  All the Doctors and Surgeons were sure the tumor that had been beside Mom Phyllis' eye for several years had manifested into something serious, they suspected the big " C " and because it was so close to her eye they were predicting some pretty scary after effects of it being removed but God is bigger than any scary news so everyone prayed!  Even though Mom Phyllis now has a scar she also has a great testimony of God