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Hitting the ground running!

Our welcome home was load and exciting, lots of welcome signs and hugs! Before we even go back to Kenya we heard news that the bore hole ( well ) was being drilled. A couple days after getting into Eldoret Tom Hawkins and team arrived to build tank stand. and cap the well. We then took our annual trip to the Poa Place Educational Center. The work on Ruach Farm and House project continues at a amazing rate thanks to the people who have donated. May God Bless all of you greatly! The electricity was installed and the line dug to Dad's shop. The foundation for the house is almost ready for the floor to be poured! This will be our view from the house of the playground, School and farm. The farm is also going well, the orchard is in ( picture later ) the maize is about to be harvested, the potatoes are being replanted after being harvested.  The other table crops are growin

A wondrous work in progress!

"Ruach Farm" If you have never been on our blog before or have not been here in awhile, this is our new property where we pray to build a permanent home for our family of 33 Tumaini children. It all began like this! Then it began to transform like this .... Then we received a lot of this! So that the only way to get out to the farm was like this! ( this vehicle we borrowed from some friends, we are still praying for a larger one of our own ) but the work continued on like this..... after the fence went up we began on the latrine and a small tool shed, along with this we had many different materials delivered. Also shown here is our friends Prado that they lent us while they were out of country as a way to get into the property also. Then came Dad's shop.... After it began to rain constantly a road had to be build just to get into the shop area.... beginning