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Working in God's field with the Children!

Hi everyone! I must apologize once again for being so late on getting this updated! I can not believe we have been back in country less than a month and so much has happened. We have just finished a great week with Shari Seagren & Brad McDonald they encouraged us greatly with their love and support also all the great stuff for the babies they brought. We realized that we need to thank so many of you their in Colorado for all that you helped them to bring, it was a amazing blessing to unpack their bags and see the treasure they contained. We know that God will bless each of you that contributed! The 4 beautiful baby quilts are a rare thing here and we will cherish them, they are a perfect weight and everything. All this came in very handy because we now have 4 babies! Our newest is Gabriel ( God is my strength ) Levi ( 5 weeks ) Horace brought him home from the hospital after the little girl we were suppose to get died of pneumonia. Gabriel also has pneumonia and the volunteer

Home again in Kenya!

Hi Blog Family! Well we had a great time in the states, thank you all who supported us financially and in prayer! We got to see many of you and those we did not get to see we will make it a priority next time. Here is a picture of the Leister clan celebrating Jacobs graduation in the states! The only ones missing were Josh & Rachel still in kenya. Here also is a picture of our 2 new members of the clan in kenya. Kenya is in the heart of God have no doubt we have none! Things are not settled here yet, we are still seeing the affects of what has already happened and hearing new threats that there is violence still to come. But God is good all the time and His purposes will be accomplished. As we have already said in the last blog, the Children with Hope board have received the vision to purchase a house in Eldoret Town to start the work of Tumaini Children’s Home, we are so excited! We hit the ground running when we returned on the 1st of May. Before the week was over we