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What an amazing life we get to live!

This is the new Home of Tumaini Children still in progress! We are so grateful for all the donations of work hrs, finances and prayer that have come in to see our children get a new home. Please continue to pray, we are only half done,and we still have our deadlines.  God has given us so much Grace, instead of May being the deadline to have our registration completed ( meaning we must be all moved in ) we have until Sept. But each month we pay huge lease payments and the elections are coming in August. We really do need to get the house finished! But again God provides each and every month because of your prayers, we know this is why! Please continue to Pray! We are so blessed with the life we live here! Tumaini children are no different from any other children, they have their up and down days but all in all the joy, laughter and just plain goodness that our family has is amazing. We continue to Praise God for it all! Thank you for  being  part of God's work here in Ken