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We just want to keep eveyone up to date as to how things are going here at Tumaini! We are so blessed, we did have a bit of flu and Dad Horace was sick with this for awhile after the rest of us sprang back like springs! But God has been so faithful in every area, we thank Him and all of you who support us in His work here at Tumaini Children's Home. Here are a few pictures to again show you and not just tell you how we are! We have been so blessed by all the support we have recieved in all it's different forms! We have recieved so much prayer and words that have encouraged us greatly! We have had local ministries bring all kinds of items that have helped us through the month, just one of the items pictured here were several pairs of pjs, very needed! Thank you William & Morah Thompson, Hope Homes Kenya, for this and several other items donated to help our children here at Tumaini! Night time prayer and worship is a very important part of our day, we were listenin

Tumaini Children's Home, revisited!

We are so blessed with our new location! The children are thriving and happy, everything we pray for! We are so appreciative to all you, our support family, that have contacted us wanting to continue to support us, thank you so much, and for those wondering how to continue to support the children or begin, our son-in-law Jeremy is designing us a website but until that is completed you can send support to or, May God's Blessing be all of yours! Love Horace & Phyllis, Troy & Dannon Leister and all here at Tumaini Children's Home