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Febuary Already!

Hello Blog Family! This is the month that most of the world including Kenya celebrates with red heart shapes and many other out word demonstrations of our earthly love! I just want to Praise the Author & Creator of love, real love, perfect love, the Father's love! Unconditional love that reaches down to a depraved world that has totally rejected Him! Because of this love He gave His only son as an offering for each and every person ever born on this earth to receive the full benefits of this overwhelming love! The Bible tells us that the Father has enlisted His Holy Spirit to pour out this love into our hearts as believers and receivers of His son Christ, with no measure! Wow! We were trying to explain this to our 10 & 12 year old daughters, this Sunday morning when they again asked how we are able to love these babies so completely when we have just met some of them! You might think, "Babies are the easiest to love, they are so Innocent and lovable!" This is true