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An emotional week!

Hi everyone, We are having many mixed emotions this week! We wanted to let you know how things were here in Kenya before we leave. Kenya is still in labor for here new goverment! We are praying that she can servive the delivery! I have been to the camps this week and the conditions are heart renching. One mother had just given birth and did not have the strength to go for food or clothing, she had layed there for 2 days before we saw her. We brought her food, a matress, cloths and water. We have recieved two little girls ( 8 months & 6 years ) from there just today. They are so small and frail their mother is very sick and may not survive. I cried all the way home. We can do so little for so few, we are just one pair of God's hands not God, this is all I can say. Our Pastor's have offered to keep them for us while we are in the states for 2 months. God is making sure we will come back, he knows us very well, we now have little ones waiting. It has been very od

Josh & Rachel's Wedding

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today..... Yes, God has again put two lives together to make one! Joshua & Rachel are man and wife! Hurray!!!!! Kenya has a new beginning and so do Josh & Rachel here in Kenya. We are so full of joy for them! The day was awesome, it started right on Kenyan time about 50 minuets late. The sound man and the chairs lost their way and had to be found before everyone could be seated. The cake lost it's way too, but made it just in time! It was a great day, everyone laughed and hugged and no one said a cross word or cried ( except with joy & laughter ). The day was bright and beautiful just what we had prayed for ( everyday for several it had rained in the afternoon ). We missed all of you but I know that you are celebrating just as we are, that God has done a wonderful thing in bringing these two together, in this setting for His miracles purposes!!! Thank you Jesus, that you fulfill the desires of our hearts because you plante
Hi, All our loved ones. Our family the Schimdts got here on the 6th of Feb. very safe! They flew into Nairobi at about 8:45 A.M. and did not fly out to Eldoret until 5:45 P.M.. So they had their own adventure in Kenya before we even got to see them. They did great! Horace, Josh and Rachel went to the airport outside of Eldoret and picked them up at about 6:30 with only a Kenyan friend ( no police escort ) and brought them back to our home. They were very tired, 2 long air flights and 2 short ones in 2 days can do that to you. We ate some dinner and then unpacked their bags, full of good stuff for everyone! Oh ya, a miracle, they got here with all their bags but one, Praise God! The last bag no one knows where it its but God does, He will send it on it's way! Since that time we have been introducing them to as many people and situations as we can. It has calmed down alot, in the last 2 weeks and that gives us more freedom to drive and walk them around. Plans for the wedding are goin