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Once apon a " Big Nose Cesar " Treasure Hunt!

    Once apon a time Tumaini had the 6 week pleasure of an Intern named Cesar!  He is from Brazil and we have been so blessed by his willingness and courage to serve!  He came to Kenya to help with computers and instead he was placed at Tumain where there are not so many computers but very many livley children!  This is his story at Tumaini and our appreciaton!        This is Cesar.       Cesar learnt quickly how much the children here at Tumaini love to play games.  He taught them Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Princess Bingo and even played some Candy Land with them.             We have had a lot of rain in the later part of April and most of the way through May, so many of the games were indoor games but then the Sun came out and they had the opportunity to play outdoors as well.         I did not get a picture of Cesar in these but here are Reuben, Joel & Ruth getting it to the other end of the field.