We just want to keep eveyone up to date as to how things are going here at Tumaini! We are so blessed, we did have a bit of flu and Dad Horace was sick with this for awhile after the rest of us sprang back like springs! But God has been so faithful in every area, we thank Him and all of you who support us in His work here at Tumaini Children's Home. Here are a few pictures to again show you and not just tell you how we are! We have been so blessed by all the support we have recieved in all it's different forms! We have recieved so much prayer and words that have encouraged us greatly! We have had local ministries bring all kinds of items that have helped us through the month, just one of the items pictured here were several pairs of pjs, very needed! Thank you William & Morah Thompson, Hope Homes Kenya, for this and several other items donated to help our children here at Tumaini!
Night time prayer and worship is a very important part of our day, we were listening and watching a worship DVD of Chris Tomlin!
Mom Phyllis getting a chance to add strawberries to our shamba ( garden ) area!
Dad Horace has been working on a new swing set! Awsome!
Five minuets after it is finished, it is being enjoyed! Thank you Dad!
We are so thankful to partner with Freedom Ministries our dear friend, Founder and Director Dr. Kathy Watson, this month we made a new friend, Pastor Beatrice ( pictured with Dr. Kathy and I), who Pastors a church out in the rural area of Sega! Pastor Beatrice also has a great love for children and family. We were blessed by the Lord to sew into her Church roofing project, we firmly believe in the principle of sewing & reaping in God's kingdom. We hope to go visit with some of the children from Tumaini soon!
We celebrate our May Birthdays here at Tumaini, with Huge Praise and Thankfulness for what God has done in the lives He has given us! Zuriel May 6, age 1 year ( this is our little one who was alive after 5 days discarded in a bag at birth )
Gabrial May 7, age 4 years
Thomas May 16, age 1 year ( remember our baby who weighed 1kg when we got him )
Abagale May 10, age 3 years
Again thank you everyone! We love you and are praying for all of you! Horace,Phyllis,Troy,Dannon and all here at Tumaini Children's Home, Eldoret, Kenya E. Africa! Website coming soon, please continue to send support to hopechapellewiston.com.


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