The last few weeks!

Hi everyone, we thought we would send you a smile today with our update on things happening here at Tumaini , God is so good!

Our weather has been oddly cool and rainy which is great for the greenery, vegies and fruit but not so good for playing outside and puppy whelping.

With all the rain you would think water would be no problem but not the case here!  We have had a large growth of residents here in the Eldoret area, water has become a big problem, not enough city water to go around. Because of low water our 50 year old house has had some major problems.  Horace has changed out our major attic tank and numerous plumbing situations through out the house.  Needless to say we have been living a full African life with bucket baths and pritty much bucket everything!  Praise God we have been able to catch the rain water in our 2500 liter outdoor storage tank to fill the buckets!

Here are our Mana & Nala's new family of puppies!   Mom Nala had a pritty difficult time keeping them all warm and fed to begin with and we lost five out of 11 born.  The surviving 6 seem to be doing very well, thank you Jesus!
This Anna she is another new blessing from God for us at Tumaini.  Anna heard about our home from a local evangelistic ministry she was working with and decided she would like to come and give us a hand.  Anna is from Germany and will be helping us until February, thank you Jesus for answering all our prayers.
School is just about to close here at Tumain and everyone is very excited for the Holiday Break!  Our Shinning Light School will take on a whole new look in January 2014 because we will no longer be just a pre-school but a primary as well.  Children grow so fast!
We have had the great pleasure of friends coming to visit and pray with us for the future here at Tumaini.  In October Ray & Geri Tucker from Faith Ministries Int. whom we first visited Kenya with.  Faith Ministries operates a Pastoral Training School here for all of East Africa.  We are so blessed by their love and mentorship. 
In November we were greatly encouraged by a visited from more friends, Tumaini Home board members Chris and Kathy Swift. They also prayed and gave us the word of the Lord over the future of Tumaini Children's Home.  We have known and worked with Kathy for several years here in Kenya.  We were so blessed to meet Chris recently following their wedding in September.  The Swifts will be living in Europe where they will be working in a Supervisory position with their church organization but still working with us here in Kenya.
Cookies time with Teacher Rose!
Thank you everyone for your continuing love and support for this Ministry!  We are humbled and overwhelmed by God's great love given out from His people!  We hope you enjoy staying up to date with all going on here.  Do not forget sponsorships they are still needed!  Please visit our website to let us hear from you and see individual pictures of the children!  In God's big big love!  Horace, Phyllis, Troy, Dannon and all here at Tumaini Children's Home!


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