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Shining Light ACE Missions School
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Graduation 2013

Our Ceremony was opened with prayer led by our Beautiful Damaris.

This year we Graduated 6 Kindergartners to 1st Grade!  We are so proud of you ( left to right ) Joyce, Matthew, Reuben, Brenda, Enoch, Debby!
If you know us at all you will understand our excitement in each of these achievements.  Joyce came to Tumaini weighing less than 10lbs at age 18 months abandoned at Hospital, cleft lip, cleft pallet, heart defect.  Matthew abandoned at Hospital, was supposed to have sever autism.  Reuben abandoned at the Hospital, four months old was dying of a intestinal infection.  Brenda was abandoned at birth in out door toilet, attacked by rats destroying right forearm. Enoch born weeks premature, was dying of dehydration, abandoned at Hospital.  Debby abandoned at Hospital with sever back deformity.
 Each of these wonderful children you see here, were just like all of us once, abandoned, lost, hurt, broken, given the report of  "no tomorrow" then God stepped in!
 John 3:16 
Look at them now, "Oh, Father God!  Look at them now"!  Praise God for all that You have done here for our Tumaini Family !
Our 2013 1st Graders achieved their goals to become readers and writers!  We are so proud of you Damaris, Jerusalem, Sarah Ellen and Gabriel our 2014 2nd Graders!
We are very proud all of our students, we also have 5 Preschoolers continuing on to Kindergarten in 2014, Titus, Ruth, Naomi, Phoebe, Abigail !  And three new students joining Preschool, Boaz, Olive and Joel we Praise God for all of you!
And of course we have Troy & Dannon our High School Students, we Praise God for all that He has done and is doing in each of them.  What a blessing they are!  2014 will be Troy's last year of school and in Kenya for awhile.  She will be returning to the states in the fall. We can say things will be some what less colorful and exciting with out her! 
  For the Graduation Troy, Dannon and their friends Daniel and Ryan Fitzpatrick entertained us with a skit on Jesus' Love and Salvation, it was Great!

We were also blessed with songs of Praise sang by our Tumaini Staff! 
Pastor Nim shared God's Word Beautifully!
To finish our students Honored their teachers with a gift for all the hard work they had give this year!  Thank you Teacher Gladys and Teacher Rose Kibet!
Thank you to all who attended that Day and to all who support our school!  May God Blessing Greatly!
You can see now how quickly our school is growing and what wonderful fruit it is producing!  We have grown out of the multipurpose room that Dad made from the attached carport.  With many peoples help and generosity we have begun to build two new school rooms!  These rooms will house 1st and 2nd grade in one room and kindergarten and preschool in another, we will have 18 students in our 2014 School Year! 
Here are some pictures of the beginnings of construction!


Please keep us in your prayers!  We thank God for all of you who support us in so many different ways!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
In God's Great Love!  Horace, Phyllis and all of us Leister's here at Tumaini Children's Home!


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