July,August,Sept,October 2014 continuing .....

Hi, it has been a few months and so much has happened here at our wonderful Tumaini!  We have had many birthdays, visitors and even new baby arrivals.  We have celebrated The Feast of Trumpets ( Rosh Hashanah God's New Year ), The Day of Atonement ( Yon Kippur ), and we had a great time with celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles!  Praise God for all that He provides for us!!

In July we were blessed with a new batch of puppies! WE have had so much birthing here at Tumaini in this year!  Thank you Jesus!

Joyce 7th birthday in July

Dad Leister's 62 Birthday in July

We were so blessed with a new friend from Holland!  Thank you Laura for all that you gave us here at Tumaini straight from your heart filled with the Love of God!!

Reuben's 6th Birthday in July

Dama's 9th Birthday in August

In August we were visited by the wonderful team from Hope Chapel Lewiston!  They honoured us and assisted us in so many ways.  There is just no way to express our gratitude for what they brought, gave of them selves unconditionally and left with us in the Spirit of God!  Thank you so much Hope Chapel for sending them!

Brenda's 6th Birthday in August

Eliza's 4th Birthday in August

Welcome baby Sharon!

Welcome baby Daniel!

In August we received 4 new babies, we are so Blessed!

Welcome baby Lois!

Welcome baby Thomas!

Beautiful Brighton's 6th Birthday in September!

Our dear friend Sandi Stoltzfus helped us design and built a Bible Quilt to send around to all you who have helped us and we love so much!  We hope you will get to see it and the photo album that goes with it while it is visiting in Lewiston ID.

The Blackman family came with a wonderful system of cloth nappies ( diapers ) and much wonder and love.

We ate outside to Celebrate God's Feast of Tabernacles!

This was our Succot !

As groups we even spent nights out in our sleeping Tabernacle!  This was a fantastic week of celebration and learning about God's times and feasts!

Story time on fridays with our friends the Fitzpatricks!

Felix's 2nd Birthday in October!

There is so much more that I could share here, so many people who touch our lives and situations that teach us how much God is doing with in our hearts!  But there is just not enough room or time for me to cover everything!  We thank you all for what you give in finances, love and prayer!  I hope this last picture shows you what you are helping to establish here, God's loving Family!
 Blessings to you all who join us in this family!
  Love Horace, Phyllis, Troy, Dannon and all here at our  Home of Tumaini Children.


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