A wondrous work in progress!

"Ruach Farm"

If you have never been on our blog before or have not been here in awhile, this is our new property where we pray to build a permanent home for our family of 33 Tumaini children.

It all began like this!

Then it began to transform like this ....

Then we received a lot of this!

So that the only way to get out to the farm was like this!
( this vehicle we borrowed from some friends, we are still praying for a larger one of our own )

but the work continued on like this.....

after the fence went up we began on the latrine and a small tool shed, along with this we had many different materials delivered. Also shown here is our friends Prado that they lent us while they were out of country as a way to get into the property also.

Then came Dad's shop....

After it began to rain constantly a road had to be build just to get into the shop area....



We also needed to secure the property so began the guard house and gate.

then the hand dug well....

and the latrine is now almost completed.

While all this building has been going on we have also been busy with the planting!

1acre of maze

1/2 acre of potatoes!

Also what is hard to see up where the children are is a 1/2 acre veggie garden (carrots, beans, sacuma, cabbage exc...) and the beginning of our orchard ( apple tree, plum tree, mango, banana stalks exc....)

 This is our prayer acre and the wonderful avocado tree that God gave us in it!

There is nothing our Tumaini Children enjoy more than going out to the farm and helping!

God is faithful and He has provided for the work that has been on going so far, we believe it has been because of you our family that pray for us. Please, we need your prayers to continue for the finances  to come in. We have just began really, the house and school must go up! We are still on a deadline for the beginning of next year to move from where we live now to Ruach Farm. 

 Our hearts are so full of thanksgiving with the financial help we have already received!  We appreciate you sharing what God is doing here at our Tumaini Home.  God Bless you all! 
 Love Horace, Phyllis, Dannon and all our Tumaini Children. 

To make a charitable donation, please make your tax-deductible gift to: Family Keys International P.O. Box 378, Clarkston WA, 99403 USA     Note: Tumaini Building Project

www.tchkenya.com                          www.familykeysint.com


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