Hello our dear Family!

Hello Family
We realize it has been a long few months since you have recieved a update from us here at Tumaini Children's Home.  
We are sorry, we have been going through the bumps and trials of making this fantastic move that we have been blessed to make.  
Moving from city to rural seems quite harmless when you are in the thinking stage of things but when we actually picked ourselves up and moved out here we found it is quite a new experience for everyone.  
We had a staff of 12 in the thinking stage but as we moved out several of our staff including all our teaching staff decided they could not make the move.
 So Mom has been teaching until this last month when we hired our new teacher. 
 Things are going along really well, God is so good and faithful to His plans! 
 Please do not imagine we do not think of all of you even if you are not hearing from us directly because it is not true.
 You are on our minds constantly. We look around at what we now have as a home and Praise God for all of your payer and financial support with great affection.
We hope you will enjoy this casscade of photos to give you a small idea on how things have went since Tumaini Home moved to Ruach Farm.

In God's Great Love!
Horace, Phyllis and all our Kenyan Tumaini Family

Our Home June 2016

Our Home today 2018! Alot of living and loving going on!

This is our Libray area of the sitting room. It has been our school room each day.  K-1st 9:00 to 10:30am, 2nd-3rd  11:00 to 12:30 and finally our 4th and 5 th graders in the afternoon.

Our temporay school house is not quite finished but hopefully by time 1st term break is finished!

Easter was great fun with friends.

The Prayer Garden took on a New Look for our Sun Rise Service.

Fun on the playground!

Front of House

Back of House

This is looking down the 10 acres, orchard to the right, vegetable garden after and then the 2 acres of beans and 3 acres of maze.  The shinny roof you see in the distance is the purpose site for our Josh Leister family!  The ten acres to the right is our leased land and is being planted in maze, wheat and oats.  The dream of course is to feed ourselves and many others who can not feed themselves. 

There is so much to do here at Tumaini Home and Ruach Farm, please keep us in your prayers and your financial help is always appreciated.  If you are interested in a specific project or coming to help please contact us through these sites. 

hpleister@gmail.com  leisterkenyanlife@blogspot.com  familykeysinter.com


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