An emotional week!

Hi everyone, We are having many mixed emotions this week! We wanted to let you know how things were here in Kenya before we leave. Kenya is still in labor for here new goverment! We are praying that she can servive the delivery! I have been to the camps this week and the conditions are heart renching. One mother had just given birth and did not have the strength to go for food or clothing, she had layed there for 2 days before we saw her. We brought her food, a matress, cloths and water.

We have recieved two little girls ( 8 months & 6 years ) from there just today. They are so small and frail their mother is very sick and may not survive. I cried all the way home. We can do so little for so few, we are just one pair of God's hands not God, this is all I can say. Our Pastor's have offered to keep them for us while we are in the states for 2 months. God is making sure we will come back, he knows us very well, we now have little ones waiting.

It has been very odd because we have gotten more done in the last month than all the time here. Horace has been very buisy out on the property in Jua Kali planting and building fences. There are two men and their families now living and working there, it is very exciting to see it happen. We are telling ourselves this is a very odd time to leave but each time we ask God, He tells us the same thing, we need to go home for these two months. So, thursday we will fly out of Eldoret into Nairobi to fly back to the states.

I need to tell you some wonderful testimonies, because God is a good God all the time, no matter what it looks like to us, Amen. As you know we have been helping out at a Children's Church in one of the slums on the edge of town. We have been praying with the children there ever sence the violence subsided. They of course, pray for safety and family and even food sometimes but mostly they have prayed to beable to go back to school. Most of the families are very poor and they can not afford the uniforms that their children must have to go to public school. Those who once were able to afford it, after the violence, no longer can. The children miss learning so much and know that it is their way out of the poverty they are in. So, sometimes they forget they are hungry and think more of going back to school.

This week we had the awsome privilage of helping to pick out almost 20 new school uniforms and see the faces of the children who have prayed so earnestly, get their prayers answered, so completley. It was one of the prime moments of our lives here. We hope you enjoy the pictures. God is answering the prays of the children in Kenya, we have seen it. These monies were sent to us from our dear friends in Romania. We also recieved other monies from the states that have helped feed & cloth orpans that lost their homes due to the burning and families that are living in the displacement camps like the ones I referred to earlier. Thank you everyone who has given. You have let Gods provision pass from your hands to ours to those who needed it so badly. Praise God you are all praying and listening for the heart beat of God towards Kenya!

We love you all so much and appreciate your prayers for us in a mighty way! Please continue to pray for our safe trip home and please, please pray for kenya and her children our children! God's faithful blessings to you all, the Horace Leister family in Kenya


Ange~ said…
Those little girls are just too precious!

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