Hi, All our loved ones. Our family the Schimdts got here on the 6th of Feb. very safe! They flew into Nairobi at about 8:45 A.M. and did not fly out to Eldoret until 5:45 P.M.. So they had their own adventure in Kenya before we even got to see them. They did great! Horace, Josh and Rachel went to the airport outside of Eldoret and picked them up at about 6:30 with only a Kenyan friend ( no police escort ) and brought them back to our home. They were very tired, 2 long air flights and 2 short ones in 2 days can do that to you. We ate some dinner and then unpacked their bags, full of good stuff for everyone! Oh ya, a miracle, they got here with all their bags but one, Praise God! The last bag no one knows where it its but God does, He will send it on it's way!

Since that time we have been introducing them to as many people and situations as we can. It has calmed down alot, in the last 2 weeks and that gives us more freedom to drive and walk them around. Plans for the wedding are going right along and we are now only a week - away! We took them over to the Pacifica House where the wedding will be held. It is a beautiful setting and everyone was very pleased! Then on saturday they went to the Show Grounds where a large number of displaced people are continuing to live in tents ( we visited there about 2 weeks ago, I posted pictures ) something is still being done every saturday for the Children and they got to be part of it. They will have to tell you about it sometime, it is hard enough to discribe our own experience let alone someone elses. On the 10th, sunday we took them to the Church we have been helping out with, they joined us in doing the service, it was so much fun. That evening the Missionary Fellowship met and sponcered Josh & Rachel a wedding shower! It was so amazing, we have all been here such a short time but God has surrounded us with a huge group of people that have such a great love for God and have poured it out on all us Leister's. They just gave and gave and gave that night! More news about the wedding later!

The rest of the story here is, Because of the unrest and mistrust going through the people right now we have been advised by several, including a tribal Chief in that area, to hold off temporarily. The random burning ( 2 children's homes so far, not 2 miles from our property ) and killing is continuing and they are very hostile to anyone new or different moving into their communities. We feel that it would be very wise to take this advise. We are continueing with the planting of gum trees and putting up fence, wood and live ( plants with big thorns), gate and wall, there is plenty to keep Horace buisy with out building for awhile.

We are going to take our 2 month break that we originaly planned for Aug. at the end of Feb. and be back to continue the work by the 1st of May. This will help us in the delema of how to get our visas renewed which we have been contemplating. We had always thought that when it came time to do that, we would just drive the 75miles or so to the Ugandan boarder and go out of the country there and right back in with a new visa. There is no garuntee roads will be secure enough to do that by the time we would have to, so we will come back into the states for a break, get new visas when we come back. We have gotten the ok from CWH for Josh & Rachel to live here while we are gone and take care of everything for us.

This is such a blessing for us and them, we are sure God's hand is directing all of this, even though it will be very hard to leave when homes are need here so much. The abandoned are of course being discovered by the 100s and they are all needing homes. We met with the Children's worker and got permission to recieve children in our home on a fostercare basis. This we will do on our return, we will be very anxious to come back and begin what we came here to do in first place! It will be very nice to see our family & friends though, spending time with all of you will make the time go by very fast.

Please continue to pray for all of us! Pray for the safety of all while they are here visiting, for continued travel safety for those coming for the wedding, our son Jake is due to fly in on Friday the 15th, Horace will fly to Nairobi to meet him. Pray for God's will and everything to fall into place for the wedding, that the Schimdts retun trip and Jake's will be as safe as their coming. Pray that we, the Horace Leister family can complete projects that need to be and continue in safety until our safe trip home! Thanks to all of you, who have prayed us this far and for your continuing faithfulness of being joined to us through prayer in these God given endevers. We feel as Paul did that all that is being accomplished has been brought about because of your prayers and ours to complete his work here in Kenya! Romans 15:30 -33 Love the Leister's in Beautiful, Peaceful Kenya


Hello and Blessings to all.
I am so glad all your visitors got there safely, that is a wonderful answer to pray. Randy and I are both saddened we will not be there to witness the blessing of Josh and Rachel as the join their lives to continue Gods purpose for both of them. I know it will be a wonderful time and look forward to seeing them this summer when they come home. We are praying for Jake's safe travel to Kenya and for Randi and the kids as the stay here. You are all covered in large blanket of prayer and love.
I wish we there was something we could do for all of you in this time of great need and call you have answered. I look to both of you as examples of listening and obeying.
We you get here in the next few weeks I would love to visit with you Phyllis and have lunch.
Take care
Give those kids a big hug from all the Kloepfer’s.
See ya soon.
Prayers and blessings.

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