Working in God's field with the Children!

Hi everyone! I must apologize once again for being so late on getting this updated! I can not believe we have been back in country less than a month and so much has happened.

We have just finished a great week with Shari Seagren & Brad McDonald they encouraged us greatly with their love and support also all the great stuff for the babies they brought. We realized that we need to thank so many of you their in Colorado for all that you helped them to bring, it was a amazing blessing to unpack their bags and see the treasure they contained. We know that God will bless each of you that contributed! The 4 beautiful baby quilts are a rare thing here and we will cherish them, they are a perfect weight and everything.

All this came in very handy because we now have 4 babies! Our newest is Gabriel ( God is my strength ) Levi ( 5 weeks ) Horace brought him home from the hospital after the little girl we were suppose to get died of pneumonia. Gabriel also has pneumonia and the volunteers begged him to take him and give him a chance, what do you say after that, nothing much to say, you just wrap him up and bring him home and pray. Gabriel was abandoned beside a charcoal burner and received a bad burn between his eyes that is still healing. Our Dr. was amazed he lived but says that God has a plan and a purpose and we agree.

Sarah Ellen is 12 weeks old and she is doing well now, we all had a bad bought with the flu a couple of weeks ago and she was sick enough we had to take her into the hospital for fluids. That was another African experience, a night in the African hospital. All I can say is it is quite different!

Margret Faith is the baby we received from the show grounds before we left for the states. She is doing very well. She has gained quite a bit of weight, she is still on anti viral meds they give children with HIV positive parents. She is such a little doll. We are encouraging her to crawl and stand. Her leg & hip muscles are very week, she has never used them she was always carried on the grandmothers back. We were also to get her older sister Nancy back but this has never come about. The mother wants to keep her, pray, she is not safe!

Jerusalem is the oldest child we have at this time, she is 15 months and quite precocious! She was abandoned at the police station during the violence. She looks at you with such a mature look, she has experienced a lot for someone so small. She walks and talks quite abit, she only weights about 12 lbs and is about 2 ft tall. She is hilarious, we love them all so much already!

The rest of us Leisters are all doing well now! We are working hard to maintain what God has blessed us with. The light rainy season is upon us and Horace is working on our gate as I write this. He has borrowed a welder from a friend and he is raising it so we will not have a lake to walk through like he had last year. Josh & Rachel are preparing for their trip back to the states at the end of June. They will return at the end of July with our Marvin, whom we are missing very much.

School for Troy & Dannon goes on as usual even with the extra baby work. I have had a run in with the fleas biting me again but a dose of Doom spray around our house has taken care of things again. Our Kenyan friends are happy to have us home and doing what we told them we intended to do. Many of them have pitched in to help, which is what God has in mind. We have not come to do a American work but a work of the Kingdom along side our Kenyan brothers and sisters.

Please pray for the children here in Kenya particularly here in the Eldoret area who are being abandoned because their mothers have no hope for them. We can only take 5 on our own, we need to have a permanent house with a license to be able to hire help and take more. At the hospital where we received 3 of our children there are many more. It is cold this time of year and many are dying of pneumonia that have been abandoned and are staying there. They must sleep in the regular wards at nigh with out special care. We desire to go and get more but 2 infants at night is about all I can do. Please pray that God will bring about the house soon. That our Society will come through so that we can do a clean purchase and for the people who God has prepared before hand to do His great work in helping us with these wonderful children.

God Bless all of you, we are praying for you and we will try to keep you updated more frequently. Love The Leister's in kenya


Anonymous said…
Thank you, THANK YOU Leister's for doing God's work. Those babies are so sweet. I so long to be there to help. Someday!
You are all in our prayers.
Shellie Daniels, CO
Marne Feucht said…
You have precious babies! I so want to hold them. Thank you for keeping us all informed. The children at church love praying for you and all the kids in Kenya. We love you!
Dear Brother Leisters
I am kamesh Oswal From india I have the same intrest that you have
I will contact to your mail in this regards
please answer if possible

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