November Update!

This is our new door that access the play yard!

This is our play yard at the exicting house! A access door was just completed this week so the children can go in and out from the play room! We are so grateful to our Daddy for taking the time out of his busy work on the new house to complete this for us before it gets very hot!

Here is the new house! It is coming right along! The windows are in and the plastering will begin in a week or so! This is when it will really change! It will be plastered inside and out and then we can begin to paint! We have a team from the US coming this month and next to help! Yea!

Ruth is our newest! She is now 7 months old and she is so beautiful! She came with a huge swollon belly from malnutrition! She had s sever lung infection that we were able to get medication for. She was resqued by a children's center and we picked her up there. She is now growing so well and is so happy, as long as we keep her fed!!!

Enoch was born December 7th last year, 8 weeks early, they are estimating! The first time I saw him he weighed less than 2lbs! "He is dying" I was told ,when I inquired of him! He was refusing to eat because he could not keep down the amount that was being fed to him! I said " not on my watch" we were so blessed because God litteraly turned my face to see Enoch that day and then He provided the perfect person to step in and take care of him at the hospital until we could get him released to us! He is God's man and you can see it by the huge grin he always has on his face!

Brenda Boop! came last year about this time too! She is a miracle child just like the others! She was abandoned in a outdoor tolet at birth! She was found a few days later still alive and fighting, after the rats had taken her for dead and eaten part of her arm away! Everyone was so amazed that she survied this ordeal but that was before we got to know the personality that God had blessed her with! She is a fighter and there is no doubt about that. She has a Godly purpose and she will see it done!

Here is Dema sitting beside all the wonderful goodies we have just recieved from our " Shamba " kiswahili for farm! Children With Hope own a 6 arce plot of land about 25 minuets from Eldoret town. We plan to build there someday soon but for now it gives us bounty like this!

This is Joyce whom we brought back from the US with us. She went to the US earlier this year in May to have surgery done on her heart and mouth ( cleft lip & palet). She is growing so fast and has such a will to keep up with the other chidlren. We have a hard time keeping weight on her because of the energy she spends but she eats like a horse! In this picture she has decided that she will make it to the top of this mountain and not give up and she did! When she got to the top, she sat down and clapped her hands saying " yea Joyce "! And we agreed, she is trying to walk, she will soon!

Reuben is now 16 months and as been with us 1 year. Reuben also has made a incredable transformation. He was so small with a very large tummy from sever malnutrition when we resqued him. Now he is our Big Boy and out weighs all the other children! He is so sweet and can be so shy!

Here is our Dema, she is 3 years now and we can hardly imagine her as the same unruly little girl that we resqued form the hospital just a year ago after she had been abandoned on the highway!

Thank you so much Blog Family for all your prayers and supoort. The work here at Tumaini continues! We just passed our 2 year mark here in Kenya, the time has gone by so swiftly! We are so blessed that everything continues to go forward in the work God has given us here! Troyana & Dannon our 2 youngest daughters are growing as fast as all the Kenyan children! I will up date next tie on the remaining 6 children. Until then here are pictures of the 1st 5. We are all looking forward to the team that is coming this month! We pray that all of you will be blessed for all that you do to make this possible! In the mighty name of Jesus! Horace & Phyllis Leister and everyone at Tumaini Children's Center


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